Do-It-Yourself Better in 2023

by Jaquie Walsh on January 19, 2023

There are good old-fashioned, tried and tested ways to hone your DIY smarts and make life easier. But new methods (and tools) could enhance your home improvement skills in 2023.

Here are some no-nonsense DIY New Year resolutions you should consider in 2023.


Organise What You’ve Got

In 2023 promise yourself that you’ll always know where it all is. Gift yourself a suitable storage system or decluttered workspace where you can easily lay your hands on tools or DIY Supplies.

Save yourself some time and, ideally, some money too. When things don’t go missing and are stored away appropriately, you’ll eventually avoid procuring more than necessary.

Need inspiration? Here's our handy blog for shed clearouts and decent storage hacks: How to Clean, Organise And Add Storage In Your Shed.

Pick up some ideas for decorative storage solutions here with our range of wicker baskets.


Planning not just Practise makes Perfect

Plan out your year and DIY projects.


Work out the best Calendar Opportunities

Make sure you set a time and deadline for your DIY projects at the appropriate time to maintain proceedings. For example: Don’t undertake a major makeover in the family Den in the depths of winter when it will most likely be in great demand for gaming and Movie binging.


Checklist Supplies and Order Early

Plan your supplies and tools to have a checklist for your start. Source and order your supplies in time. 2023 may still be encumbered with the odd supply chain disruption, and Brexit will affect delivery times and transport charges. For everything else, there’s our DIY Catalogue.


Focus On The Neglected Room with Potential

Not sure where to begin? It's best to pick the most potential room but also the most neglected one.

Whatever it is - think of how much use you’ll be getting for that space and if it will give you endless returns in terms of workspace, family time or less energy wastage. Do it.   


Don’t Neglect The Outdoor Room

You might have only recently got your home and have just put the finishing touches indoors, leaving the outdoor landscaping last. Or you may have been at your abode for many years but never really thought about entertaining outdoors. Well, it just doesn’t look the part.

Either way… the time has come to pay more attention to your outdoor space, even if it's just a little one.

Current trends point to more outdoor living. Post-pandemic, we will spend more time using our outdoor areas as party spades or entertainment zones. And let’s face it, with temperatures rising, there’s a good chance our external real estate will be way more helpful now if only we made it a more inviting and valuable space.


Need more outdoor DIY inspiration?

Take a look at some of our blogs.


Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Make sure the approach and facade of your home look the part. The benefits are endless.

The neighbours will be glad for the enhanced street appeal. You’ll be much more at ease receiving guests, raising your home's equity. This is an essential task for those would-be home sellers too.

Some simple vital steps are getting there:


DIY For Reduce Energy Usage

This one goes without saying. With rising energy inflation and uncertain economic futures facing into 2023, this is probably the best New Year's resolution you could be sticking to whatever about the rest.

There are many ways to do this - from small interventions to more extensive retrofits.


Make it a Safer Home

Safety is a worthwhile DIY resolution that should be number one on your list. First, make sure you have checked your home for fire safety measures.

Now that more of us are working from home and using multiple devices pay particular attention to the electrical upgrades and safety measures you may need to bring into 2023.

Check out this handy overview: Don’t Get Caught Out With These Critical Home Fire Safety Measures!


What Are Your Household Resolutions?

Fancy sharing your own new year household resolutions with us? What will be the main job you will be undertaking this year? What will your

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